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cac2 calcium carbide factory
cac2 calcium carbide factory
cac2 calcium carbide factory
cac2 calcium carbide factory

Product name: Calcium carbide

Other name: calcium acetylide, acetylene calcium carbide, GA

Shape: white crystal, industrial products for black lumps, purple or grey section

Partical size avaliable: 2-4mm, 4-7mm,7-15mm, 15-25mm, 25-50mm, 50-80mm, 80-120mm

Gas yield: 210L/KG,230L/KG,260L/KG, 295L/KG according different partical size 

Physical and chemical characteristics: the ore is a solid brown or black solid, pure white crystal products(including CaC2 is purple).Density of 2.22g/cubic centimeter,melting point of 2300 degrees C(with CaC2 content),in case of water immediately produce a violent reaction, the formation of acetylene, and the release of heat, calcium carbide content of different melting point will also change.

Application: Mainly used to produce acetylene gas. It is also used for organic synthesis, oxyacetylene welding etc...Acetylene produced by the reaction of calcium carbide with water can be used to synthesize many organic compounds, such as synthetic rubber, synthetic resin, acetone, ketene, carbon black, etc...Heating the powdered calcium carbide and nitrogen, the reaction of calcium cyanamide, namely lime nitrogen, cyanide salt and lime nitrogen heating melt reaction for mining gold and nonferrous metal industry. Calcium carbide itself can be used in the iron and steel industry desulfurizer. Production of polyvinyl choride(PVC).

Packing: Packed in 50kg iron drums or 100kg iron drums,22.5MT per 20’fcl.

Gas Yield 
Size Percentage 

Gas Yield 20°C 101.3Kpa


Size TopA grade Accept grade



PH3%(V/V)          0.032
H2S%(V/V)          0.015

Calcium carbide is hazardousgoods, too many ashes will cause explosion, so the ash content should be strictly controlled

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